Your Complete Document Service

Aperio has been providing New Zealand wide support services to Law Firms, Banks and Finance Companies since its inception in 2006. Aperio's team appreciate the urgency, delicacy and confidentiality of these matters. We understand deadlines, expiry dates and the importance of accurate reporting.

Aperio staff are experienced in finding individuals and utilise our extensive resources to ascertain the locality of intended recipients. We have an efficient turnaround rate, and as such, intend on continuing in the way that our clients have come to expect.

  • Document Serving includes: Defendant/Witness summons, Property Law Act Notices, Family Court Documents, Notice of Proceedings & Statements of Claim, Statutory Demands, Summary Judgments, Trespass Notices, Notice of Intended Repossession of Premises
  • Agent Field Calls
  • Third Party work for insurance claims
  • Repossessions - Cars, Boats, Trucks & Commercial Assets
  • Tracing

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our document management service.